Suggested retail price of $24.95.

Suggested retail price of $24.95.

The Mini PAC (Power Aware Cord) is a charge and sync cable featuring auto shut-off and brilliant visible-electricity-in-motion.

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Features and Benefits

  • Auto Shut-Off

    When charge is completed, the Mini PAC will automatically shut off the electricity flowing to your device.

  • Prolong Battery Life

    With the Mini PAC's auto shut-off feature, you'll never have to worry about overcharging your battery again.

  • Visible Electricity in Motion

    Striking & beautiful visible-electricity-in-motion travels through the cable when electricity is being used.

  • Save Battery Standby Power

    The Mini PAC ensures your battery is charged exactly as the manufacturer intended so you can enjoy your device without any battery degradation.

  • May Prevent Fire & Explosion

    Overcharging your battery can lead to swelling and excessive heat—possibly causing damage, fire, or explosion to your device.

  • Compatibility

    The Mini PAC is compatible with Apple iPhone®, iPads, SONY®, Samsung®, Motorola®, Android, & any micro-USB device.

Exclusive Charge States

Exclusive Charge States

Visible electricity will travel FAST through the cable when the battery is LOW.

As the battery charges, the flow will progressively SLOW.

When FULLY CHARGED, the motion will CEASE. This lets the user know—at a glance—when the charge has reached 100%.


Not just for your phone...

The Mini PAC works flawlessly on thousands of devices!

Mini PAC with Playstation controller

Mini PAC with Headphones

Mini PAC Visible Electricity In Motion

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  • Blue Mini PAC with Laptop
  • White Mini Pac Coiled up
  • White & Blue Mini PAC charging devices
  • Blue Mini PAC charging in car
  • Blue Mini PAC laying on laptop
  • Green Mini PAC charging Samsung phone


Product length: 34 inches / 86cm

Product designed in Scandinavia

Patent: US 8 791 829 82


All Micro-USB devices

iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, iPad's (with included adapter)

Most Android devices (Not compatible with USB Type-C)